Newfoundland Summer Travels

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Raining in southern Vermont this morning, a rude awakening from an unusually long stretch of golden autumn sunshiny days. Orange and yellow leaves fiery-bright against brilliant blue skies, with warm days and starry nights. Seduced by the fall colors, but still mourning the loss of long summer days, holding light-filled summer travels and memories close.

If you are traveling through rural Newfoundland, and don’t relish the prospect of spending the night in your car, book ahead – or pack a tent. Accommodations and rooms are limited, especially in small outport towns.  Many miles of road and huge swaths of wilderness between towns require planning ahead for gas, food and lodging. With over 600 deaths last year due to highway collisions with moose, driving after nightfall is not advised. No wonder it’s a haven for campers and RV’s in all sizes and shapes, with the ability to park anywhere when dusk descends, fully stocked and self-sufficient. But any minor travel inconveniences fade, and quickly become insignificant when faced with the majestic beauty of forest and sea, and the spaces between.

Newfoundland, a glorious land, a fiercely independent province of Canada, offers the traveler glorious nature and stunning beauty. Where even the clerk at the grocery store calls you “love” and “darling”, and people go out of their way to welcome you in. A place that casts a spell that lingers long after departure, and settles deep in the heart.


  1. Don’t know Newfoundland – other than landed there on my way to the US some 40 yrs ago – but remember the man behind the counter in the local grocery store in Kent approx 30 yrs ago used to call me that, too, which was a change from France and “Madame”!



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