A Sculpture Park at Hogpen Hill Farms

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The sun is shining again after several days of rainy weather. Last weekend, a day-trip to the western Connecticut hills for an Open House at a landscape sculpture park and tree farm. Driving south-west, we left the rain and fog behind, and by mid-day the sun was out, hot and bright, the threat of showers gone. Partly for work, but all about pleasure, it was a delight to view Edward Tufte‘s large-scale sculptures against a backdrop of bright blue autumn skies and hills dotted with orange and yellow. A composition of playful sculptures sprinkled across a hilltop landscape, deeply rooted in science and art, defying gravity. For more info about the works, go to Tufte’s website.


  1. I am very happy when seeing You wonderful post presenting sculpture park! Great collection and very unique. This is not unique place in the world. In Finland we have also this kind of park, but it presents statues. My post:

    Wacky statues.

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. Thanks for your comment. A private sculpture park on a beautiful hilltop, the creation of a brilliant man, currently only open to the public at twice yearly open houses. Hope your adventures are going well. 🙂



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