Finding Light in the Dark

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Peach sky this morning, the sun reflecting on downy frost. The meadow bare and frozen again after the snowfall last week. Here in the northern hemisphere we are careening toward the darkest time of the year. Everywhere there are lights to help ward off the darkness – both artificial and natural. The moon has been full and bright, and at its fullest a few days ago the ground was covered with a blanket of white – so that even a recent late night drive was illuminated by moonshine, snow-laden tree boughs helping to define the twists and turns in the road. Lights were lit on trees and houses and in doorways, making a routine night drive a bright delight. Today is Lucia day, a day to celebrate the return of the light – and though we are a long way from mid-summer – it is a reminder to keep our eyes open to the light – even in the darkest time.


  1. How beautiful. The wreath is so nice. The second and third photos are just about which I love very much. We have very seldom houses on country side which are decorated so beautiful and with good taste as Yours in the second photo.


    1. It is quite fun to see the range of displays and bright colors after dark these days. I prefer the simple white lights wrapped around evergreen trees and outlining the trunks and branches of deciduous trees. But the best of all these days – is the display of bright stars scattered about in the ink-black night sky.



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