The Beauty of Vermont in November

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Beautiful pink sunrise this morning. The past few days have been cool and sunny. Lovely weather for touring the area with family visiting from Europe. November in the southern Vermont area means having to look a little deeper to see the beauty in the hills, the waterways and the sky. A perfect chance to see it all through the eyes of a visitor, even one coming from the idyllic landscape of southern France. The shorter daylight hours have been plenty for day-tripping and regular stops for art and coffee and good food have taken the chill off. Evening conversation and cozy fires have eased us gently into the dark and cold night.

Turns out Vermont has lots to offer – even in November. A quiet and stark beauty, the thin light casting long shadows on the landscape, with time to meander the roads, and to browse in the local shops. A visit to be treasured. And a time of year to be savored.


    1. There is beauty in the stark northern landscape of Vermont in the winter – though some days I have to look a little deeper to find it…and I would not pass up a chance to visit southern Italy this time of year. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by my blog – I enjoy following your travels.


  1. How nice. I had not any idea how Vermont is looking like and now You reveal it beautiful!

    One plus to Your post. When moving mouse pointer over the photo, there is a small pop-up telling more exact info from the photo. Thank You. I have been using same system all the time and then it is easy to make comments from one special photo.

    Thank You and have a happy Sunday!


    1. Thanks for your comment – you are so kind. Thanks also for the feedback about labeling photos with more information. It is something new I am playing with. 🙂



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