A Surprise Seal Sighting

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Today, overcast and mild. Rain in the forecast. Yesterday a sunset walk on Marginal Way. The almost full moon shining on surfers out at sea to catch a few waves. The sky reflecting pink on a wide expanse of sandy beach at low tide. Earlier in day, time spent watching a harbor seal, both of us basking in the sunshine on the rocky shore near the Nubble Lighthouse.

The seacoast of Maine in November has been surprisingly lovely. Most stores and attractions are closed, but a few are open with reduced hours. And the roads and beaches have been free of crowds, the weather spectacular, and the lobster sweet and fresh. A gift of light to ward off the darkness.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind comments.The coast of Maine is truly spectacular, and worth a visit. Though it is a popular summer destination, I prefer the off-season when there are fewer travelers. But you take a chance with the weather of course. 🙂


  2. Wow what photos. I have to say with full heart that I love all of Your photos. Rocks in the second photo from the bottom captured my eyes. They are awesome and so must it be the place also.



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