Sunrise on the Beach in Maine in November

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Yesterday a drive east through New Hampshire to the southeast coast of Maine, the weather forecast unseasonably mild for November in New England. Today up and out early, a walk to see the sun rise on the beach. The early morning pink lingering only for a brief moment, the sun a bright ball of light popping up on the horizon suddenly, quickly rising into the pale blue sky, cloudless. Silence. Only a few birds to be seen, floating on gentle waves. A thermos of tea, memories of a friend, recently passed away. This seacoast her girl-hood landscape.  A chance trip here with my two sisters, an unexpected gift, a moment to hold dear C close in my thoughts.


  1. Thanks! Getting to see the sun rise over the Atlantic was a gift. And since the sun rises later this time of the year in Maine, I did not even have to get up extra early! 😉



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