Two Seasons in One Day

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It has been a whirlwind of crazy weather in southern Vermont these past few days. A few days ago a light snow shower – a hint of winter to come – followed by a glorious sunny day, leaves still ablaze on some trees. Today a clear and sunny day on the heels of an October storm that graced us with over one foot of snow. Winter in the northern hemisphere is inevitable at this point, and as much as I struggle with the darker, shorter days of winter –  I do love a snowy winter. And though I am no stranger to November’s indecisive weather – always in the throes of change – it is super strange to see bright yellow leaves still on the trees against a backdrop of pure white. Two seasons in full glory at the same time.


  1. Thanks so much! It is amazing to see autumn leaves in full foliage color against a snow white landscape. Is it a wintry landscape these days where you are in Finland? 🙂


    1. Oh, no, not at all. We have had exceptional warm now and it has lasted two weeks already. The temperature varies between 7 ºC / 44.6 ºF and 12 ºC / 53.6 ºF. I remember very well last year when it started to snow and then came the real cold which lasted to the Spring. We had snowy and cold winters consequently during two years.

      When we in last August made our car holiday trip beyond the Arctic Circle, then the weather was as warm as now, but it was exceptional cold in August. 🙂

      Happy week-end!


      1. The snow has melted and we are enjoying a rare mild spell of November weather before the true onset of winter’s cold winds start to blow. 🙂



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