An Autumn Snowfall

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Yesterday it rained all day, the skies gloomy and gray. By nightfall, the dark skies were spitting wet snow. Today a landscape dusted with a frosting of sugary snow emerged out of the early morning darkness. In the eastern sky, a long, lingering sun took its sweet time rising.

This should not come as a surprise. It is almost November, and there have been hints. A touch of cold on some days. Farmstands and orchards overflowing with end-of-season harvests. But a long and delicious, mild autumn has lulled me into a state of denial. A few days ago, I was still mowing the lawn, snipping herbs from the garden. Bright yellow leaves were clinging to lower branches. Woodland paths covered with a welcoming carpet of brightly colored leaves. Falling leaves turned into bright swirls of confetti on roadways. The fall foliage colors a sharp contrast against the trees starting to dress in their lacy winter finery.

A bit of a rude awakening, but it is hard to not be enchanted by the first magical snow of the season. But there are still leaves on the trees, and this early snow is already melting. I will not succumb entirely to winter. Not yet.


    1. Thanks for your comments! The pumpkins are now covered with snow, and winter seems to have arrived in earnest. Though my trips have been close to home recently, I am enjoying “traveling” to your beautiful part of the world through your blog. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for your kind and generous observations. I am very much enjoying exploring your blog. Beautiful and unique combination of art – the visuals of your landscape and gardens and the sound of your music. 🙂


  1. Your photos are awesome. I love especially from the top second and third photo. As a fall photo, the last photo is terrific. Was it an exception that snowfall came so “early”?


    1. Very unusual to have snow this early in Vermont. Today we woke up to even more snow – over 0.3 meter. They are calling it the Snowtober (snow+october) Storm. Thanks for the encouraging comments on my photos. 🙂



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