A Visit to the Champlain Valley in Vermont

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The Champlain Valley is good for the soul. Between visits with family and friends, time to walk the back roads. Open space and big sky, a broad valley, the Green Mountains to the east. Early fall weather mild and sunny. Purple asters edging farm fields – starbursts in full bloom. A hint of yellow on the trees.

Between appointments – time to wander the center of Burlington for an hour. A view of Lake Champlain, the Adirondack Mountains a hazy blue on the horizon – rowers and lakeside picnickers soaking up the last remnants of summer sun. Church Street bustling, a mix of local businesses holding strong alongside the ubiquitous chains. Cafe tables and chairs spilling out on the street. Street vendors offering local, tasty bites to go. For residents, tourists and the homeless – a mild interlude before the cooler winds prevail.

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