The Colors of Tranekær

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The first blush of fall colors are appearing on the green hills. Even the rainy weather today cannot dampen their bright lights. Autumn is officially here, but summer is still close enough to touch. A bittersweet time of transition between seasons and places, of missing summer travels in Denmark, happy to be home in southern Vermont to welcome a new season.

The colors outside my window remind me of the greens of late summer, the ochre and faded rosy-red, yellow, brown and salmon hues of the houses and buildings in the town of Tranekær on Langeland. A story-book town that grew up around a castle. Surrounded by farmlands, ocean and nature trails, with an art park and many craft studios – and even a former sugar factory – it is a destination for many visitors. And my home for a very memorable month.

I carry with me a treasure trove of stories and images that I will keep close. For now it is time for me to embrace the changing of the seasons, the settling in at home back in Vermont.



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