A Ferry on Lake Champlain

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Three sunny days, and only one rainstorm. A chance to be lakeside. And to cross Lake Champlain on the ferry at Chimney Point, Vermont.

The Champlain Valley offers beautiful vistas and lovely drives through farmland fringed by mountains. Throwing a short ferry ride into the mix adds a dose of travel romance – a chance to feel the water underfoot, the touch of soft lake breezes on my face and a moment to stretch my legs. To the side of the ferry sits a new bridge still under construction. A vital link between two states and two communities that suffered major economic damage when the old bridge was deemed unsafe. For now two 24/7 ferries ensure that truckers, travelers, bikers and locals can traverse the waters safely. For this traveler, the ferry offers an alternative way to cross a gap in the road, one I would choose over a bridge when possible.


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