Vermont Route 9 – Molly Stark Trail Scenic Byway

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Living in Vermont, I get to travel roads that are both practical and scenic in the course of everyday work and erranding. Last week my travels took me across a stretch of the Molly Stark Trail Scenic Byway, the corridor between Brattleboro and Wilmington. As I came upon the vista at the rise in the road by Hogback Mountain – even though I was short on time – I just had to stop and pause for a few moments to take in the stunning view from the top.

Following in the footsteps of a military walking trail in 1777, the road grew into a primary route for six-horse freight teams that traveled from Brattleboro through Bennington and on to the Erie Canal. The modern popularity of Route 9 dates back to the dawn of the automobile age and the beginning of pleasure driving and touring. Named a state highway in 1931, the road was paved shortly afterwards. In 1937, the Trail was recognized by Vermont for its historic and tourism values, and in 1967 was officially named The Molly Stark Trail. In July 2003, the road was designated as a scenic byway, and renamed as the Molly Stark Scenic Byway, reflecting its historic and cultural importance in Vermont. Today it connects the communities in the southeastern corner of Vermont with those to the west, and provides vistas of beautiful forests and hill-farms for both locals and tourists along the way.

Check here for historical details and more information about the Molly Stark Trail Scenic Byway. Just be sure to pause along the way and take in the view.


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