Summer and Strawberries

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midsummer bonfire
Nicolai Astrup St, Hansbål ved Jølstervatnet
midsummer romance
trolls copyright Rolf Lidberg

Blue early morning skies turning dark and heavy, more rain predicted. Yesterday a perfect sunny day with a light breeze, a delicious taste of summer and strawberry dreams.

June is careening into the time of the summer solstice, marking the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. A time of midsummer bonfires and age-old traditions that celebrate the cycle of nature. And though the summer solstice technically means the beginning of shorter days, it also marks the official beginning of summer – and berry picking season. A time of local berries in abundance – wild and cultivated.

Tiny, wild strawberries are ripening around the house, and remind me of my girlhood – and heading into the woodland meadows to pick and eat wild strawberries, and then stringing the berries on a long straw to bring home. These days I am more likely to go to a nearby pick-your-own berry farm for a day of strawberry picking, and bring home more berries that we can possibly eat to try to capture a little bit of the essence and taste of summer.

Pouring rain outside. I’ll have to wait for the berry patches to dry before heading out to pick. Happy Summer!


  1. What a wonderful description – I quite get the picture and know exactly what you mean – living in the beautiful state of Vermont it must be easy to be Scandinavian – as there is so much to remind you of your childhood right outside your front door!



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