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My own 4 wish picks out of the New York Times 41 Places to Go in 2011:
4. Iceland – to go beyond Reykjavik
11. The Danube – not on my radar until now but sounds amazing!
21. Tallinn, Estonia – one more try – a skip and a jump from Helsinki
22. Fogo Island, Newfoundland – only a windy road away from Trinity Bight

Missing from the NYT list, but high on my list are:
1. Norway – Oslo, Jotunheimen and Stryn
2. Denmark – Fyn, Langeland, Margaritveien and Copenhagen
3. Finland – Helsinki, Kerava and Turku, European Capital of Culture 2011
4. Newfoundland – Fogo Island and The Bight

On my list but less likely:
1. Italy – the Val D’orcia, and the south, though actually anywhere in Italy will do
2. Greece – the water, the white and blue
3. Eritrea – Asmara – memories and architecture
4. Japan – gardens and baths
5. France – family and a restored stone house

But whatever happens, I will be happy if I get to glimpse the ocean from a ferry, take a walk along a bay, hike or ski on a mountaintop, see innovative art and architecture, eat fresh and local food, spend time with friends and family, sleep on a houseboat or take a long drive with my sweetie by my side.


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