Chihuly at Denver Botanic Gardens

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Some wild west weather, in the form of a surprise thunderstorm and a violent hailstorm, otherwise gorgeous autumn weather in Denver this past week, crisp air and blue, blue sky. Snow on the high peaks in the distance, bursts of bright yellow aspen dotting the evergreen foothills. A visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens to see the Chihuly exhibit. Growing out of fading summer leafage and bright autumn flowers, glass sculptures in full leaf and bloom. Dancing swirls and curls tucked into foliage. Wisps of tall leaves arranged in rows in the meadow grass and rising out of rock gardens. Elaborate and tall constructions on pedestals and in fountains. Emerging from the ground and bubbling up in streams, floating in lily ponds. Accenting and enhancing the gardens, perfectly paired with their surroundings. A feast of color, at a time when the natural landscape is settling into the muted hues of dormancy.


  1. Just wow. Glass in the grass (sorry, I had to go for the awkward assonance)… Chihuly’s organic mien really pops when it’s dropped into the landscape. Thanks for sharing this, Vermont neighbor.


    1. I could easily imagine an installation of Chihuly’s glass reeds and grasses growing along a stretch of the West River in southern Vermont. 🙂



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