Lakeside Blues

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Last day of June, the cool of the night giving way to the heat. Lupines gone by, peonies past their intoxicating glory, local strawberries still in season. The garden a chorus of birdsong and bee-buzz. The meadows an explosion of gorgeous greens.

A week ago, camping on Lake Champlain, a symphony of blues – azure sunny summer skies, cobalt lake waters, and indigo nights. Time with family, outside. Waking to raucous flights of geese close overhead, up early watching the day emerge. A loon swimming just off-shore, an osprey soaring high, the patterns of clouds and waves, ever-changing. Gathering around the campfire at twilight, stars emerging, fireflies dancing in the shadows. And between dawn and nightfall, lots of swimming, hiking and biking. Savoring the (mostly) unplugged time away from office and electronics. Lazy summer days, time with loved ones, gone too quickly. A bit of the luscious month of June, savored lakeside.


    1. Thank you. Lake Champlain borders New York State to the west & Vermont to the east, Canada to the north. A beautiful lake ringed by mountain views. A trip to Koli a few years back introduced me to the gorgeous lakes of Finland. Hope to travel there again someday. You are very lucky to live by a lake, in Finland. 🙂


      1. Thank You for additional info. Very nice to read that You have visited Koli. It is my favorite Place in Finland and I have been there many times.

        In 2013we spent midsummer there. We were very lucky to see beautiful sunset there. Our adventure is here:

        Koli national park.

        BTW, we have been driving in Norway twice, in Nordkapp and in Kirkenes. To drive to Nordkapp is awesome adventure.


    1. Thank you for the kind comment! Lake Champlain is a gorgeous lake bordering New York State & Vermont, and Canada to the north. Wonderful to have a few days lakeside. 🙂



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