Newfoundland Outport Stories

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Back home in Vermont, the light and landscape tinged with late-summer gold, the morning air laced with cold. Summer travels to Norway and Newfoundland, barely touching ground between trips, images and words swirling in my travel-foggy brain.

Newfoundland, an island far out to sea, where land and sea crash into each other, a place of majestic beauty. Where houses cluster in small, remote coves, battered by salt and wind. Many re-clad in easy-care vinyl. Others restored by hand, or abandoned and left to the elements.

A day off from work, a side trip to the other side of the Bonavista Peninsula to visit the open-summers-only 2 Rooms Gallery in Duntara. A renovated house in a small outport town, now home to rotating exhibits of art and utility. This year, a tribute to a life lived and a peek into one artist’s process. Downstairs, Ned Pratt’s photographs, large scale images that capture the beauty found in the stark architecture and landscapes of Newfoundland’s rural outport communities. Upstairs the contents of a house, utility on display, the legacy of one woman’s life. The house itself on exhibit, wallpaper carefully peeled away, layers of beautiful patterns and color exposed. Each exhibit with its own story to tell. Stories deeply rooted in the landscape – and taking root in the heart of this visitor.


    1. Thanks, Michelle. And thanks millions for the gorgeous veggies from your gardens, the eggs from your happy hens, and the pickles and jam from your summer-bounty kitchen. xo



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