A Touch of Seacoast in Winter

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The river is within us, the sea is all about us — T.S. Eliot

A gray day, dense fog all day, tree trunks in stark contrast. Zero visibility. Strangely soothing, and soft on the eyes. Reports of slippery, icy roads, kept us home. Earlier this week, two long days on the road, snippets of ocean, inlets and estuaries during work-related travels. Off the beaten track during the off-season, a mingling of sea and snow, icy paths and sidewalks underfoot. But no crowds, and plenty of room to breathe the sea-salty air. Fresh seafood, Italian espresso and warm bakery bread. An afternoon walk along the harbor in Gloucester, seagull chatter mixed with sounds of machinery and industry, the musk of low tide, a lone sailor navigating chilly waters. Sunrise over the Portland waterfront, sailboats and day-cruise ships docked for the season. Further north, in Boothbay, a coastal botanical garden, quiet woodland glens, birches in a row, all tucked in under a blanket of snow. Our travels graced with sunshine, blue skies, dry roads and mild temperatures. The seascape and fresh views, restorative and delicious. The company I keep, the best.


  1. I can feel the air by the coast and for once I can say: I’ve been there!!! Portland, Maine, was a really special place to visit – reading about it brought back nice memories….


    1. Hi AK – This little trip to Portland was way too short – seems like a small city with lots to offer. I could easily have spent many more hours walking the old cobbled streets and waterfont area. And I am always a sucker for any city on water. 🙂



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