Burlington, Vermont

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Reflecting on the year past, so much goodness, gone too fast. Looking to the new year with hope and dreams. The past two weeks filled with sun drenched days and moonlit nights, rain down-pours and rainbows, all-day snowstorms, and whirlwinds of snow dust. Ice floating on the rivers like pieces of fine lace torn into pieces. Late last night, a golden, bottom-heavy half-moon rising slowly over Mount Monadnock to the east, casting its soft glow on the landscape, sharp edges rounded by a thick carpet of snow. The past few evenings pink on the horizon, lingering ever so slightly, a hint of longer days to come. Walking trails covered in snow, a season for trading shoes for x-c boots and skis.

Over the holidays, between visits with friends and family, a chance for a few early morning walks along the waterfront in Burlington, Vermont. Braving the chilly winds off the lake with extra layers and outerwear. Fingers instantly frozen when taking mittens off to take pictures. Still and silent, the seascape many layers of blue and gray, melding with the Adirondack mountains to the west. Ferries docked and waiting, a few brave ducks my only company. Not another soul on the promenade, usually packed with visitors and residents in warmer seasons. There is much to love about Burlington – a town rich in arts and education, innovation and historic architecture, good food and bakeries – but it is the town’s location along the magnificent and enchanting Lake Champlain that makes it rise above wonderful. In all seasons.

We have careened past the shortest day of the year, and I welcome January’s light, bright, snow-covered days with open arms. The crisp, cold air a fresh delight for the senses, the perfect companion to days spent mostly inside, our home cozy, toasty, warmed by wood. Happy New Year. Best wishes for safe and fun travels, far away or close to home, in the year ahead.



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