Elmore Vermont

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Summer is here. Fireflies in the garden, moths slipping in though open doors. June-bug beetles dive-bombing the patio lanterns, quarter moon slowly sinking behind the treetops to the west.

Last week, heading south again, a drive through Elmore, and an opportunity to add another Vermont town to my 251 Project. North and east from Stowe, up and over the mountain, the town of Elmore sits at the base of Elmore Mountain. Best known for the lake within its borders, a self-designated beauty spot. A country store by the shore, in continuous operation since the early 1800s, an outlet for delicious bread from a local wood-fired micro-bakery. No time to linger, the beautiful scenery well worth the detour on a summery, sunny day. Route 12 – edged with farms and forests, apple trees still in bloom – took me to Main Street in Montpelier, an empty parking spot, conveniently located near the La Brioche Bakery – a brief stop, fortification for the rest of the drive home on highway 89.


    1. Thank you, Sartenada. Vermont is a gold-mine of small towns along roads with wonderful vistas of nature. Elmore was only a brief stop – but long enough to take in a moment of spectacular beauty. 🙂



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