Morristown and Morrisville Vermont

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Rainy again today, misty waves of fog rolling through – in and out of the hills and hollows. Yesterday sunny and warm, an occasional cooling breeze, a hummingbird hovering close for a brief moment, enticed by the bouquet of lilacs and bleeding hearts on the porch. The air heady with the fragrance of spring. Last week – rainy and chilly days sandwiched by sunshine and warmth.

An opportunity to explore – rain and shine – Morrisville and Morristown in Lamoille County in Vermont. Together they comprise a small village and a large town. Woodlands and meadows fringed by mountains, a few patches of snow still visible on the ski trails. Pastoral valley landscapes and clusters of houses intersected by forests and streams and rivers. The landscape draped in early spring’s rich green velvet, lacy wild apple trees in bloom, lilacs sprouting in old farm-yards and in-town lots. Woodland walks, carpets of speckled trout lily leaves, a yellow bloom peeking out. An abandoned maple sugar operation, a dry stone cellar hole, echoes of lives and work now past. A red covered bridge from 1896. In-town, a four-screen cinema, a busy state highway bisecting a small downtown, a short stretch of strip highway, sharp turns nearly impossible for the big transport trucks passing through.



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