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Another rainy day. The past week rich in rain-fall, farm fields greedy for the moisture, longing for the sun.

Johnson Vermont is home to the Vermont Studio Center.  A chance to meet a dear friend for dinner, there as a Visiting Artist. With its distinctive red buildings hugging the shores of the rushing Gihon River, the center provides an idyllic setting, a retreat for artists from across the country and the world. Tucked into the beautiful hills and dales of the Lamoille River Valley, the historic campus offers studio space, housing, good food. And the time and place to pursue art and writing in a beautiful corner of Vermont – rain or shine.


  1. Ha! I see our friend Slivio (Ornament Studio) was here! Glad to have found your travelogue. Like art, traveling transports and transforms the traveler. No big revelation there I suppose, but in what ways has it changed you so far?


    1. Thanks for your comment. 🙂 Traveling helps me slow down and look more closely – a lesson I use when looking at art. Good luck with your work and your annual arts festival. Hope you get lots of travelers – from near and far – coming though to support Vermont artists.


      1. You are welcome. We hope so too. Judging from past years, we expect a good crowd. You are right. It is probably impossible to ever look at anything with the same eyes once we travel but not travelers pay attention as you do, which is sad.


  2. Where to next? Stop by Cambridge/Jeffersonville when you have a chance. It is a very nice, small community. We moved here after 25 years in New Mexico. This is a community that will probably change drastically over the next few years, but in a way that builds on its existing qualities. It is a great place to raise kids and for them to go to school.


    1. Hi OrnamentStudio – thanks for stopping by my fledgling blog. 🙂 I recently passed through Cambridge/Jeffersonville on Rt 15 and will hop off the main road for a closer look as soon as time allows. Such a beautiful area!



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