Windsor Vermont

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February’s full Snow Moon illuminating the starry early morning night sky, the landscape a patchwork of brown and white, the snow rapidly dissipating in the mild winter weather. Cobalt giving way to a lighter blue, a wavy ribbon of orange outlining the eastern hills at sunrise.

Yesterday a hop off the highway. A stop for tea and a walk in Windsor for the 251 Project. Oozing with history, Windsor is the site of the signing of the 1777 constitution prohibiting slavery, the birthplace of the Republic of Vermont. The town hugs the banks of the Connecticut River and is home to a beautiful 1901 rail depot (now a pub) and shares a covered bridge from 1866 with the New Hampshire town across the river. Views of Mt. Ascutney in the distance, a wide main street laced with historic red brick buildings and white wooden churches defines the town center.

On the road south, the sun setting in a salmon pink sky, a full orange moon rising in my rear-view mirror.


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