Vermont Fishing Village

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Milder weather the past few days, the ice still thick on flooded meadows and ponds, rivers edged with ice, deeper waters flowing. On the estuary where the West River meets the Connecticut, on the northern outskirts of Brattleboro, a winter village of small, colorful huts give shelter from the wind and cold when fishing.  A few days ago, a delight to glide on the ice, sun overhead, no wind, ice skates strapped on. A magical blue frozen landscape, icy waters underfoot.


    1. Thanks so much. Twilight is a great time of day to be out, especially on water, frozen or not! I look forward to seeing a photo. Great shot on your blog of the misty Connecticut River along the rail tracks.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Lousie! 🙂 The local ice-fishing hut villages that crop up this time of year never cease to fascinate me – so creative and colorful. Enjoy your Paris travels – wonderful photos and glimpses of another world.


  1. Cool – in the double sense of the word! And colorful, too!

    In southern France the thermometer has been showing just below freezing point this week; a few snowflakes were whirling around in the air to-day, and on the news they keep talking about “le grand froid”. A doctor was interviewed in the studio of one of the major channels this morning to tell people what precautions to take when going outside…


      1. Hope so!

        Actually, all of France was below freezing point last night, way below in certain areas, but I still wouldn’t start talking about “le grand froid”. If it gets really cold, then what words would the French use?

        By watching your winter pictures it looks more like really cold in Vermont! And so beautiful…..



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