Langeland Art Towers – Kunsttårne

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The back-roads of Langeland are dotted with old, abandoned, brick electric towers, now decommissioned. Leave it to artists to find an abandoned space and turn it into a gallery. And to make something that most of us see as useless – into something of value. Tall and narrow, several artists on Langeland saw potential and turned twelve of the towers into exhibit spaces. A stop for art – along a narrow country road – delectable treats dotting the landscape. The space – tall and narrow, open to the elements, nature, visitors, and birds’ nests – is interpreted differently by each artist. Each art tower is a wonderful surprise – and an opportunity to hop out of the car when out for a drive or to take a rest when out for a bike ride or a walk. A moment to experience Langeland’s beautiful nature, and the work of some of the island’s many artists.


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