Gudbrandsdalen and Jotunheimen in Norway

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jotunheimenA whirlwind tour of the Jotunheimen and Gudbrandsdalen regions of Norway last week took us along broad sweeps of verdant river valleys, icy blue-green glacial melt rivers and mountain-side waterfalls, fields of alpine berries and wild-flowers, upland farms and majestic mountains. A place of magnificent nature surrounded by peaks partially clad in snow, mountain meadows purple with heather in bloom, and rivers sparkling green like liquid emeralds. Though heavy rain was predicted we were blessed with mostly sunny weather and mild late summer temperatures.

It is a place where visitors are welcomed and where – despite very high prices – tourist money flows. Known for preserving heritage, food and cultural traditions, with medieval architecture, sod-roofed timber houses and wooden stave churches around every bend in the road, Gudbrandsdalen and Jotunheimen have long been favorite tourist destinations. And is also my father’s ancestral home – where we were lovingly enveloped in the arms of family for a few precious days. A place where the deepest quiet and peace can be found, a place where land meets sky.


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