Trinity Bight Newfoundland

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Though we arrived and departed Newfoundland in the fog, and were often enveloped by waves of fog rolling in from the sea during our stay, sunshine greeted us when we first arrived in Trinity Bight. As a visitor I was struck by the beauty and the harshness of this remote place in both fog and summer sun – where land meets the sea.

Though they were few, the days of sunshine were so sparkly and so blue they shimmered. It is a magic place, Trinity Bight – a place for long walks along headlands, spotting whales out to sea, eagles overhead, freshly caught codfish tasting of the sea, alpine berries, broad sweeps of wildflowers in bloom, fresh air – and kind and generous friends. I can easily see why this place stays in the blood of its residents and visitors, who return to stay for the summer months from places far away, some of whom even choose to stay all the year round.

Today the sun is trying to peek out in Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. And I am returning for just a little while – to my homeland in the far north.


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