Some Days it is Spring

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Yesterday I was reminded of Olles skidfärd, a 1907 children’s book by Elsa Beskow – translated from the Swedish as Ollie’s Ski Trip – a tale of winter into spring. Jack Frost, who makes everything sparkle, and Mrs Thaw, who makes everything melt, play tug of war, until finally, Mrs Thaw gets her way and the lovely snow starts to disappear. Ollie is very upset and wishes it could be winter forever, until one lovely day when Spring arrives in her carriage pulled by butterflies.
Yesterday a snowstorm whiteout, today the sun is burning through the morning mist. Winter tries to lure us back with its magical snow one day, only to have Spring tempt us the next. Those of us who live in the north know that Spring is often way too long in coming. But we also know that spring will prevail – eventually.  God Påske and Happy Spring.


  1. So beautiful. What a lovely story. My Oli was out frolicking in the snow this morning while I enjoyed the ice-covered blossoms. Chilly though it is, the snow is a poetic contrast to the colors of springtime. Thank you for sharing this lovely story, Elin. I love the personification of seasons, and did not know this Swedish tale. Have a beautiful Easter Day…
    xo M



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