Early Spring in Vermont – More Hope Than Reality

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An early morning drive north, the sky emerging from the blue-black night, stars still visible. The first day of March brought sunshine, blue skies and dry roads after a long stretch of stormy, snowy and icy days. The winds died down and the still cold temperatures were almost warm to the touch. A welcome, small breath of spring, even with lots of winter weather still to come.

A frozen Lake Champlain sparkled in the sunshine, ferry boats quiet, frozen in the icy waters, patiently waiting. The day warm enough to walk the paths along the waterfront, soak up a little sunshine and some wide-open space. And to take a peek under the lake at ECHO.

Inside at the Champlain Fairgrounds in Essex Junction, spring was blooming. An industrial, concrete space was being transformed into a garden. A much-needed fantasy for those of us who live in the north, even if just for a weekend, indoors.

Just a day trip. The drive south, sun setting, day turning to twilight, then night again, starry, clear, crisp and very cold.

Spring – still more hope than reality. A day outing on the road a much needed cure for a touch of cabin fever.


    1. At least it seems like early spring this year! But you never know here in VT. Winter could still return – I have not taken my snow tires off yet. 🙂



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