Detour in NYC

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At last! A chance to see the Detour exhibit. Can’t wait!
The Detour Project
Road trips are often considered the best way to explore the scenery in foreign countries. By taking a detour on the road in Norway, you may find some surprising architectural gems. Now, some of these scenic highlights can be experienced without crossing the Atlantic.
Along the fjords, waterfalls, mountains, coasts and countryside of Norway runs 18 National Tourist Routes. Through the Detour project, a collaboration between the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and the foundation Norsk Form, close to 200 architectural projects have sprung up along these routes, in the form of exciting stopping points, information centers, picnic areas, rest stops, and observation platforms designed into being striking landmarks themselves.
The architects and designers, both Norwegian and International, responsible for the constructions have followed strict aesthetic standards in a way that harmonizes with the surroundings and reinforces travelers’ appreciation of the great outdoors and unspoiled countryside. Inspired by the initial success of the project, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Norsk Form wanted to bring these eye-catching constructions to as many people as possible, this in turn resulted in the exhibition Detour. The exhibition has traveled the world, with stops in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Brussels and Bologna, and was most recently on view in the National Building Museum in Washington, DC,  and at Center for Architecture in Philadelphia.
The exhibition Detour is filled with models and photos of some of the structures along the tourist routes. The most striking component of the exhibition may be the large wooden viewing chamber with brass-rimmed openings where visitors can peek inside at a film that winds along Norway’s scenic roads and bike paths and explores in greater detail some of the projects featured later in the exhibition.

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