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Signs of winter releasing its frozen grip, the sugar house swept and buckets hung in the woods, ready for the sap to run. Last weekend, a rare chance to tour nearby Naulakha, Rudyard Kipling’s historic home, open for the day as part of the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center‘s Hidden in the Hills program. Fun to imagine the creator of the Just So Stories and The Jungle Books at work and play at his home in Vermont in the 1890’s. By all accounts a happy and productive time, cut short by global events and family tragedy. A private retreat for a reclusive writer and his family, beautifully preserved, with many original belongings, the shingle style house overlooking the Connecticut River Valley in Southern Vermont is available for overnight rental through the Landmark Trust USA.


  1. A nice verbal and visual snapshot of one of our hidden gems. I was not aware of the BMAC program – I’ll have to look into it! I especially appreciate the last frame, with the slate and shingle cupola on a snowy roof. I have yet to visit the place, even though I’ve known of it for many years. A couple friends of mine were on the restoration crew twenty years or so ago… Kipling had quite the personality and left his mark in local history, that’s for sure.


    1. Thanks so much for the comment. One of the many treasures tucked into the hills of SoVT. And the BMAC is a great local gem as well.



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