The Holiday Whirlwind

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A soft white snow falling gently this morning, the landscape hushed. The past week a whirlwind of holiday activity and travel, with crazy extremes in weather. Sunshine and picnic-on-the-beach temperatures on Cape Cod. In southern Vermont, a foot of beautiful fluffy snow, followed by rain and a dense fog. A ferocious winter storm in northern Vermont. Houses, cars, trees and roadways covered with a thick coat of ice, dangerous conditions for vegetation and people. After the storm, a frozen landscape that shimmered and sparkled in the sunshine. Inside, freshly baked bread and cookies, the air sweet with cardamom, decorations hung. Presents wrapped and unwrapped. Candles lit, the hope of longer days to come. In spaces between the hectic pace of the season and long stretches on the road, precious moments with friends and family, hearts full.


  1. Get the picture of a Scandinavian Christmas…. Although in Varmland, Sweden, exceptionally this year, the lawns are bare and green – the snow has decided to wait until after New Years this time I think…. Thinking of you all!!!



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