Silverthorne Mountains and Denver Gardens

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In the night, a lustrous November full moon. The last few days bright, not a leaf or cloud to buffer the intensity. Reminiscent of the pale mountain light of Colorado, a reminder of a post long in draft. Late September, a week in Silverthorne for a family wedding. In a town that grew from a re-fueling crossways on the interstate to a mecca for skiing, recreation and shopping. Tucked into the vast mountain wilderness, with in-town fly-fishing and walk/bike paths alongside outlet stores and residential and commercial development. The Blue River running through, altered to create the riffles, pools, and run-outs that make for ideal fly-fishing conditions, vast forests within easy reach. Clear, sunny and hot days, cold moonlit nights, spectacular views of sunsets and rises. Big sky and thin air, a dusting of snow on the high peaks. Low-season crowds and prices, patches of aspens popping out, bright yellow on the landscape, a perfect setting for wedding preparations and gatherings. The sun shining bright on the bride and groom for their stream-side ceremony, a silvery moon lighting the celebration of their love, long into the night. The day before leaving, a hike through the woods to a lily pond, past a boulder field and carpets of wild roses, hips bright red. A respite from the sprawling development, a rare moment in the company of my three sons. Back in the city, a few hours to fill before flying home, a chance to squeeze in a visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens. Tucked into corners, draped across created landscapes and dancing across lily pools, a temporary exhibit of sculptures celebrating the achievements and vision of twelve Colorado sculptors. A beautiful oasis of green-scape and art in an urban setting, a quiet transition back to daily life after a week gone too fast. Already missing the wide open spaces in the mountains and the precious time together with loved ones. Thank you A&R for the gift of love, and the reminder of what is most important in life. 


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