Stone Stone and More Stone

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Long days of travel behind us, the sun shining, news of the Boston bombing dominating the airwaves, the urban congestion soon behind us as we wind our way west and north out of Boston. The early spring landscape at a stand-still, a few yellow, green and purple pops of color. Along Route 2, great blue herons wading in the wetlands between business development, the scene peaceful and calm. My heart heavy, my thoughts with the families affected by the horrific bombing event.

Today, back home in New England, the stone walls lie hidden in the woods, tucked into the woods, deep in leaf-mold. A dramatic change of scenery from the rain-soaked Yorkshire and Cumbria regions of England, where the extensive network of walls lie exposed, running along and criss-crossing spring-green pastures dotted with sheep, edged with daffodils in full bloom and hedgerows coming into leaf. Where whole villages are constructed of stone – arched bridges, wall, streets, courtyards, houses, churches and canals. A giddy abundance of stunning stone-work in a beautiful rural landscape, fruit trees in bloom, spring greens ready to burst after late season snow-falls and early spring rain-showers.

The daffodils budding up in the garden at home. Mud dry on back roads, heaves and ripples still making for rough travel, the river free of ice. Holding out hope for spring and peace.


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