Retreat Meadows

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The last few days, a string of bejeweled sunset and sunrise days. Ribbons of iridescent salmon, lavender and purple on the eastern horizon just before sun-up. At sun-down, the snow-scape and sky suffused with a rosy pink. The last hour of the day lingering slightly, the night-blue slowly overtaking the white of snow and ice.

Yesterday, gusts of cold wind interspersed with calm, and relatively mild temperatures – too beautiful to stay inside. In the last hours of the day, a ski on the frozen Retreat Meadows, just across from the Retreat Trails nature area.  At the confluence of the West and Connecticut Rivers, a wide and shallow area on the perimeter of Brattleboro’s town center. Bustling with activity – skating, ice-fishing, x-c skiing, snow carving and fort-building. A community of teens, solitary adults, families with small kids – savoring the last hour of the day out on the ice.

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