Riding the Rails

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Yesterday, an eerie quiet before the storm, this morning a soft drizzle falling. Leaves on the ground, tawny and rusty, tree limbs mostly bare. A tropical storm raging to the south of us, predicted to circle the northeast, bringing high winds and flooding. Last week, family visiting and a string of clear blue sky days, a perfect excuse to take a tour. A short drive north to White River Junction in Vermont, where rivers, highways and rail-lines cross. Late autumn, the river valley still lush with fall foliage colors. Along the Connecticut River, a lazy train ride in a vintage rail-car, views of back-yards and river-life. A stroll through the historic district, a rich mixture of architectural styles, former industrial, residential and commercial spaces now housing studios, galleries, shops and cafes – and a Center for Cartoon Studies. A vibrant town center just off the highway, good food and shops to lure travelers off the highway, rooted in the history of rail and baking, revitalized by the arts.


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