North and East to Newfoundland

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Sunny, cool and breezy in St John’s Newfoundland today. The past week a mix of fog, drizzle, rain, sunshine, blue and gray skies, cool nights, warm days. A bonfire on the beach, a full moon rising. Last week, we left the heat and humidity behind and drove north and far east, through Vermont, across northern New Hampshire and Maine and into Canada. Across the forests and seasides of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. And after two long days of driving, one night on the ferry, and another day of driving through the interior of Newfoundland, we arrived in beautiful Trinity Bay on the Bonavista Peninsula. Cooler temperatures, a change in landscape, and whales on the horizon. Foxes and moose. Codfish and trout. Bald eagles. The air on the headlands fragrant with moss and juniper, wild iris tucked into rock crevices, sea mist. Wide open spaces, big sky, rugged cliffs jutting out of the sea. Room to breathe, deeply.



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