Oregon in Bloom

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Early morning, a pot of hot tea at my side, home on the porch in Vermont, the garden wet after a night of rain, my few neglected roses heavy with bloom. A week in Oregon, wonderful detours woven into the work days. A riot of roadside wildflowers, rhododendrons and cultivated gardens in bloom. Home gardens and professional nurseries. Blooming in profusion, even in abandoned yards and lots. In Salem, a cookie-cutter budget chain hotel adorned with the heady scent of peonies from a local nursery. In Portland, an amazing rose garden, high above the city, 900 plus varieties and over 10,000 rose bushes. The perfect climate for gardens to thrive, city and countryside adorned with a bounty of showy whites, pinks, reds and yellow blooms, delicious lush scents against a back-drop of green. Wild, neglected and well-tended – all beautiful. All worthy of a stop for snapshots. Up close the soft petals and fragrance a soft caress on my face.


    1. I only had my camera phone with me so my pictures do not do them justice. The fragrance and softness was so inviting – I just wanted to bury my whole face in them. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Michelle! I really enjoyed seeing so may roses and peonies in bloom in the western part of the state. But a totally different landscape in arid central and eastern Oregon – wow! The woodland mountain rhododendrons were also amazing. I suspect your peonies and gardens were super-amazing this year.
      So sorry to have missed your annual open house – hopefully will make it next year. 🙂



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