Waterway Walking

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The past week warm and sunny, with cooling breezes, crisp blue skies – perfect spring weather. Daffodils in full bloom and fruit tree blossoms starting to open, magnolias just past their peak. A small snake peeking out of the thyme in the garden. At day’s end, the setting sun, bright on the hillside across the way, trees leafing out, like soft pillows, downy spring green. By chance, my walks have all been along southern Vermont rivers and streams, trillium and bloodroot in bloom. my steps in rhythm with the flowing water.


    1. Thanks, Michelle. The wildflowers are such a joy these days – every walk a new adventure. Love seeing what you two are up to! Your gardens, stonework and blogs are looking great – love the new arbour. 🙂


    1. Thanks, AK! A bit overcast this morning – but hoping for another long walk again today. Hope the weather has gotten warmer in France. 🙂



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