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Winter lingers on a little. Mountains to the north are dusted with fresh snow. Magnolias, forsythia and daffodil blooms shiver in the breeze, and curl up against the sudden chill. Inside at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, a new spring exhibit, Bridging Earth and Sky. Outside, eye-catching stacks of wood, shaped into sculptural forms. Artistry in utility and function. Back home, the wood-burning stove takes the chill out of a cloudy spring day.


    1. Birch logs and trees are beautiful. I associate birch trees – in nature and art/design – with Nordic landscapes. Thanks for stopping by – wishing you happy spring travels. 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the comment – especially coming from a photographer. 🙂 The woodstacks are very cool – the pics are just taken with my phone cam. Hope you make it down to the Brattleboro Museum to see the new exhibit and garden. I enjoy peeking in on your blog – awesome photographs of our beautiful Vermont nature. Good luck with your work.


    1. Hi M – it will be wonderful to see your museum garden come into bloom – already looking wonderful. Really love the space you created there. 🙂



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