Brattleboro Vermont

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More gray than blue outside today, the weather a bit milder. Another installment for my 251 Project before I head into the day.

Brattleboro is a mini-slice of urban – with some suburban and commercial sprawl – surrounded by natural and rural beauty. A vibrant arts community, one of its jewels is the historic Latchis Theatre on Main Street. The only movie theater for miles around – and one of only two Art Deco style buildings in the state of Vermont – it shows first-run movies, art and indie films, displays local art, and hosts concerts, live theatre, performances, and HD Met Opera. Lush interior murals and grecian-themed decorative architectural elements and statues lend the main theatre the feel of greek amphitheater – a theme extended throughout the lobby decor.

The current front makeshift-eye-sore marquee – destroyed by a passing delivery truck last summer – belies the gorgeous interior. It will soon be replaced by one modeled on an older version – with neon hand-shaped glass letters – restoring the Latchis’ street-scape view to its former glory. The Latchis was way ahead of its time when built as part of a multi-use facility in 1938, and is in existence today thanks to the vision of the Latchis family and current custodians, the Brattleboro Arts Initiative.

A trip to the Brattleboro to see a movie is always a treat – and seeing a film under the blue and gold of the zodiac ceiling in the main theatre of the Latchis is an extra wonderful movie escape.



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