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Sunny, bright, white light early summer day in Vermont. Already hot in the sun. Morning tea on the stone stoop. A ruby-throated hummingbird, far from its winter home, hard at work in the herb garden. A moment for reflection – and a reminder that even my (mostly stone and creeping thyme) low maintenance herb garden needs a little attention after a month of neglect.

Helsinki lingers in my heart, even as I delight in being back in lovely verdant Vermont. If only it would stay light past nine here in the summer, I would not long so for those late twilight walks, when the day’s work is mostly done, and there is still time for being outside in nature. I was reminded this week of the saying “borte er bra, men hjemme er best”, and I wonder if “away is good, but home is best” fits me? When traveling in other countries, especially the nordic countries, the landscape and culture feel like home deep in my bones, even after all my adult years living in the states.

But for now, this Vermont summer day beckons with all its beauty – time to plant some herbs and savor being home, here in Vermont.

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