Helsinki – City in a Park by the Sea

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Sunny again early morning, with a hint of clouds moving in as I write this. The weather has been beautiful and sunny the last few days, way too nice to be indoors. The long, light evenings and light blue night sky invite lingering out-of-doors, leaving very little time for sleeping – or blogging.

Helsinki is so wonderfully walkable.  With the riches of an urban environment, and a path or trail luring me into a pocket park at every turn – with woods, gardens, granite outcroppings and the sea within reach of just about anywhere in the city. There is so much to do and explore. The top design, architecture and museum sights beckon as must-do’s, yet it is walking the neighborhood streets and the park and gardens that tug at me the most, as I explore the city within the rhythm of daily life and work.  So – just a quick post and a few pictures for now. The day is beckoning, time to head to the marketplace. Clouds hanging low – better bring the umbrella.


  1. Elin, Helsinki looks so beautiful. I love the light on the buildings and water in the third photograph. How lovely to be strolling along the water at that time of day. New England has been cloaked in rain and mist for a couple of weeks now. It’s nice to have a bit of virtual sunlight here on your blog! xo M


    1. Thanks! Though my camera skills and camera do not do the nordic early summer light justice, I am having lots of fun taking photos – especially during the almost endless sunset and evening hours – when the light is truly magical. 🙂



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