Boston’s Best Church Basement

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Patches of blue emerging this morning, high hopes for sunshine and warmer temperatures. Yesterday, enchanted by the white velvet spring snowscape, tucked in at home, glad to be back and off the roads after a one-day trip to Boston.  Today, eager to see green signs of spring emerge.

The Trinity Church is a magnificent stone building that manages to dwarf the tall glass sky-soaring structure next door, anchoring the lovely Copley Square along with the equally majestic Boston Public Central Library on the opposite side. The visit and tour of the church was a calm and quiet interlude in a busy noisy day, late afternoon sun streaming through stained glass masterpieces, the youth choir singing.  Our destination was the basement – its excavated granite foundation exposed and incorporated into seating, meeting and lecture space. A masterpiece, and a tribute to stone workers who often toil in anonymity. Outside, the historic square, people soaking up a little sunshine and warmth, a skateboarder catching air, a happy dog out for a walk, a grandfather sharing a cookie with his little grandgirl, the moment holding the promise of spring, the snowstorm and winter storm warnings a distant possibility. And on the walk back to the hotel at night, a fleeting image of a trip to come, a bus-stop poster advertising travel to Norway.


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