A Land of Fairytales

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Fyn (Funen in English) is one of the islands of a diverse and beautiful country and is itself made up of many, many islands. It is a land of fairy tales, castles, graceful bridges, manor houses, farmlands, water and land scapes, buttery pastries, windmills, thatched room cottages and ultra-modern houses, town centers oozing charm – and also the birthplace of fairytale master Hans Christian Anderson. Denmark is a small country. In a day you can travel far and wide. One of my favorite roads is the Marguerite Route – aka the Daisy Road. It is a tourist route for car-drivers, and travels past the major attractions found in Denmark on beautiful scenic roads. The route is 3,540 km long and is marked by brown-white-yellow Marguerite signs. If you see this sign – take the turn! You will not be disappointed – it will always be an adventure off the beaten track and is guaranteed to be full of treasures.


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