Apple Blossom Season in Vermont

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Beautiful, sunny and warmer in southern Vermont this morning, the past few days cool and drizzly. Everywhere, apple orchards in full spring bloom, pale pink blossoms, adorning the curves of the landscape, perfuming the air.

All day in the green, sunny orchard,
When May was a marvel of bloom,
I followed the busy bee-lovers
Down paths that were sweet with perfume.
Margaret E. Sangster—Apple Blossoms.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment! Though we do not have our own apple trees, we are lucky to have organic and heirloom orchards nearby – a beautiful place to walk -spring or fall. 🙂


  1. Nothing like a good quote to accompany a good post. Warmer here as well… and the sun came out a couple of hours ago. It is a gorgeous evening and it is good to notice the flowers! Have a good week.



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